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Dear Fit-4-Basic Staff,


"I wanted to thank you for this amazing program, the discipline, and the experience. Every instructor was amazing and will highly be missed. Before starting this program I was completely doubtful of my future chances in becoming a law enforcement officer. Being 33 years old and knowing the cut off is 35 can be very discouraging. With the training and confidence that was received I am not only positive that I will become a police officer, I know that I will definitely stand out in any academy. I don’t have to tell you how much this program has changed me because I am positive you have all watched the transformation. I wish I could truly express the gratitude I have for each and every one of you but words can’t bring a comprehension worthy of the actual feeling. "


Sincerely Sergio Gonzalez


Director Gromb,


"This is recruit Felix Santos. I just wanted to keep you in the loop about my Transit PD PQT test that was held this morning at 9am. I wanted to let you know that I passed with flying colors, and not only that, but I led my group in the 300m run and the 1.5 mile run. I hit a personal record with my 1.5 mile run today and I completely attribute that to my preparation in your program.


Thank you for creating such an intense/incredible program, I enjoyed every moment of it. I will be sure to keep you updated on the next steps of my process, which will be their written test on the 29th of this month. Thank you again sir, and a Merry Christmas to you and your family!"




Felix Santos

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Good Morning Fit4Basic Administration,


"I want to thank you Director Gromb and Assistant Director Castro once again for this awesome prep police academy experience and valuable tools/resources which increased my chances of achieving my dream law enforcement job. I will stay in contact with the Fit4Basic family. Thank You. "


Recruit Jason Martinez     


Dear Director Gromb,


"I just wanted to thank you for giving me this opportunity to participate in the fit 4 basic program. The program was educational, challenging, and a lot of fun. This program has allowed me to get my foot in the door of the law enforcement community where as I was going nowhere before.

So far I have a scheduled exam with the US Customs and Border Protection. Hopefully I will have more good news to report soon."


Thank you for everything,


Francis Roque               


"Thank you for teaching me all the essential skills to become a police officer. Thank you for helping me in 10 weeks to achieve confidence, discipline and understanding of why I want to be a police officer. Thank you for helping me lose 38 pounds and helping me become the best person I can be. These past 10 weeks have been hard, stressful, enjoyable and most important the best experience, thank you fit4basic fam! "

Samantha Chirichello


"The Fit4Basic Pre-Police Academy has provided the mental and physical preparation needed to complete any current day police academy. In the competitive and dynamic world of law enforcement, it has become apparent that preexisting knowledge, training, and certifications are crucial for success in both the academy and the career of a police officer. Fit4Basic offers a variety of essential law enforcement skills, including physical training, defensive tactics, 9-1-1 Dispatching/EMD courses, proper usage of firearms, and much more. The program in itself is undoubtedly the closest it actually gets to the 6-month academy. Recruits quickly become accustomed to both the atmosphere and expectations that the instructors anticipate. The instructors have decades of experience and insight, and their passion is truly illustrated throughout the course. In conclusion, I’m very happy I’ve completed this course; I’ve met well respected officers, gained lifelong friends, learned about different job openings in my field, and most importantly it has given me the opportunity to become a dispatcher at Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch. I’m excited to see what’s to come in my career. Thank you Fit4Basic!"


Alex Guarnieri 

"The Fit4basic program is the best decision I made in enhancing my education and experience with law

enforcement. The program has provided me the discipline and the preparation for any academy. I am

now more confident with myself and my ability to overcome obstacles. Fit4 basic has got me in the best

shape of my life and has given me the tools to get myself prepared to handle anything. Fit4basic

provided me with numerous certifications that are essential to a career in law enforcement. The

instructors are extremely motivating and they pushed me to become better every day. I would highly

recommend this course to anyone looking to get involved with law enforcement. Not only did I gain

education from this program but I also developed lifelong friendships with my fellow recruits and got to

meet some of the most well known and respected officers. Thank you Fit4basic!"



Nicholas Milone


"When I entered the Fit4Basic program I was nervous and lacking confidence in my capabilities. I was dismissed from an academy because I failed my physical assessment and I was 6 weeks away from entering another academy. I doubted that I would be able to accomplish my goal. Director Gromb and his staff dedicated their time to ensure my success. They challenged me to go above and beyond the minimum requirements that a police academy would ask of me. The dedication these instructors put into my success is beyond extraordinary. Their concern didn’t stop with workouts, they cared about my eating habits and even ensuring that I gave my body the days necessary for rest. I entered the police academy and the day of the assessment passed every component. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the help of the instructors at Fit4Basic. There are no words big enough to express the gratitude I have for Director Gromb and his staff".

Loramny Dominguez


Dear Fit-4-Basic Staff, 

"I want to thank everyone in this outstanding program for helping my platoon and me learn about what it takes to become a law enforcement agent. The discipline and knowledge we gained from this program are second to none especially when the knowledge provided to us was coming from years of experience from instructors who are or have been police officers at one point in time. Every instructor had something great to offer and meaningful insight on how to become a great police officer. All the instructors drove me to become stronger, smarter and more disciplined. I have nothing but respect for all the instructors and currently, I am missing the tough love they showed me throughout the program. Furthermore, after receiving all the training through this program I have become more confident than ever that I will succeed in my goal as becoming a police officer. My confidence has never been higher, and my mentality has never been stronger. With that being said I want to personally thank Director Gromb and Assistant Director Castro for creating this program one of the most authentic programs I have ever been in. Thank you for giving many of us a taste of what kind of mentality you need to survive not only through the Police Academy but as a police officer in general. Words cannot describe the gratitude I will have for every instructor in this program and I wish all the best to everyone in the Fit-4-Basic."


Elham Dervishi

IMG_6254 2.PNG

"My name is Ashlynne Milson and I attended the first Fit 4 Basic Class in 2018. I was recently hired as a Dispatcher for the Montclair Police Department and I have the Fit 4 Basic program to thank for this new job opportunity. I completed the 10-week program receiving my 911/ EMD certification, which is essential to landing a job as a dispatcher. In addition, I received firearm training, physical training, and defensive tactics training with some of the best instructors. Fit 4 Basic is indeed the full police academy experience. The opportunities and knowledge offered here are not offered in any other program. I knew I wanted to become a Police Officer one day but I did not know where to begin and now I know I’m headed in the right direction."


Ashlynne Milson


Good Evening Sir, 

"I am taking this opportunity to reach out to you and inform you that the three of us have successfully completed the Police Academy. This wouldn't have been possible without you and your staff's hard work and dedication. Thank you for every second you set aside to ensure our success. I am hoping to see you all at graduation."



With Respect, 

Loramny Dominguez


Fit4Basic Staff, 


As I embark on my new journey as a 911 Dispatcher at Northwest Central Bergen Dispatch, I am writing to say thank you. From day one you made sure I, and every recruit in the class paid attention to detail and make sure that each and every one of us had the mentality to show up ready to give 100%. Whether it was on run days, Physical Training in the gym, or Defensive Tactics, we knew we would be pushed to our limits. That being said, it was being pushed to my limit day in and day out that has put me in the position I am today. 


Over the course of 10 weeks, you held high expectations, provided us with a goal, and gave me all the necessary tools to succeed.  The mental toughness created by Fit4Basic has truly prepared me not only for the chaotic world of answering the calls for those in need, but also to succeed in any police academy training.  Although my journey has just begun, I will be testing for both the Bergen Country Public Safety Academies and John H. Stamler Police Academy in Union in the coming weeks. Thank you for all you have done for me, I can truly say I am Fit4Basic and fully prepared for a career in law enforcement. 



Andrew Van Dyke


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Dear Director Gromb and Fit-4-Basic Staff,

I attended the fit-4-basic program for the spring of 2019. Unsure of what to expect, I found it to be an incredible experience in preparation to pursue a career in law enforcement. The class not only prepared me for the physical and mental challenges that I am yet to confront in a law enforcement career but it also educated me on what the lifestyle of a member of law enforcement might entail and how I can be prepared to succeed in it. Director Gromb, Corporal Castro and the entire F4B staff showed genuine interest and care towards my success as well as that of each of my fellow recruits helping us to network, build productive resumes, and motivate us to succeed. Since graduating from F4B I have used the qualifications I received in class to be hired as a dispatcher while I continue to pursue a career in local, state, and federal branches of law enforcement. During which I have no doubt that Director Gromb and the rest of the F4B staff will be more than willing to help me through each step as I go. The F4B program was an incredibly valuable experience, not just for the physical training aspect but even more so to the mental and networking preparation to become a productive member of law enforcement. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a career in law enforcement.



Elias Sayad

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