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                  N.E.C.I. 9-1-1

          Dispatcher Certification

The Online 9-1-1 Basic Communications course provides the basic knowledge, skills, and experience to understand the functional operation of an emergency communications system, and their role and responsibilities within the emergency communications system. $349.00

Mental Health Technician 


A Medical Health Technician Certification (MHTC) also known as a psychiatric aide participates in both the planning and implementing of individual patient treatment plans. 

Medical Administrative Assistant

The Medical Administrative Administrator is an essential position that requires excellence and a myriad of professional skills in the healthcare field. 

Medical Billing and Coding

The Medical Coder and Biller's duties have evolved in recent years. A Medical Coder and Biller, also known as billing specialist or health information technologists, is responsible for maintaining and accurately reporting and categorizing patient information. 

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Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) Certification 

Emergency Medical Dispatch is a systematic program of handling medical calls. Trained telecommunicators, using locally approved EMD Guidecards, quickly and properly determine the nature and priority of the call, dispatch the appropriate response, then give the caller instructions to help treat the patient until the responding Police and  EMS unit arrives. $349.00

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