Medical Certification Programs


FIT4BASIC  provides the ultimate training preparation course to all potential law enforcement recruits and enthusiasts within the state of New Jersey and beyond. The trainees will complete a grueling 10-week program designed to prepare them for the demanding physical, mental and instructional experience commonly associated with basic training at the respective academies. This is accomplished under the strict supervision of highly experienced instructors. F4B will provide each recruit with all the tools needed to successfully complete all the demanding requirements mandated by the PTC.
Our team of experienced instructors, in conjunction with expert fitness, firearms, academic, and emergency medical professionals accredited by only the most reputable global training institutions, will give you the tools necessary to achieve your goals. We thrive on respect, professionalism, and hard work. We understand the urgency and the need-to-succeed from our recruits. Thus, we exist to adequately prepare you to be  FIT4BASIC.
FIT4BASIC provides various pathways into the medical profession. If you're interested in a career in the medical field, register for one of our Accredited National Certification Programs. Job placement assistance is available upon successfully passing your national certification test.   

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